Food Mysteries

This will be a never ending, always changing list of books on food mysteries.  These are not necessarily recommendations, just a list, some of the books I have read and some I have not.  Please feel free to send some recommendations my way, as the search is always continuing!  Don't forget when you build up your collection to support your local independent booksellers!
Here it goes:

The 27 Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders by Nancy Pickard
Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Cruise & Bob Mayer
Angela Amalfi Mysteries (series) by Joanne Pence
Baked Bean Supper Murders by Virginia Rich
Beat Until Stiff by Claire M. Johnson
Bleeding Hearts by Susan Witting Albert
Bloodroot by Susan Witting Albert
The Body in the Big Apple by Katherine Hall Page
The Body in the Cornflakes by K.K. Beck
The Butter Did it: a gastronomic tale of love and murder by Phyllis C. Richman
Carolyn Blue Culinary Mysteries (series) by Nancy Fairbanks
A Catered Birthday Party: a mystery with recipes by Isis Crawford
A Catered Christmas by Tim Hemlin
Chas Wheatley Mysteries (series) by Phyllis Richman
Cheese Shop Mysteries (series) by Avery Ames
Chill Before Serving: a mystery for food lovers by Cynthia Lawrence
China Bayles mysteries (series) by Susan Witting Albert
Chocoholic mysteries (series) by JoAnna Carl
Chocolate Mysteries (series) by Sammi Carter
Cookie Cutter Shop Mysteries (series) by Virginia Lowell
Cooking Class Mysteries (series) by Miranda Bliss 
Corinna Chapman Mysteries (series) by Kerry Greenwood
Corpse in the Kitchen by Sarah J. Mason 
Daphne Martin Cake Mysteries (series) by Gayle Trent 
A Dash of Death by Claudia Bishop
Dead Man's Broth by Tim Hemlin
Death at the Table by Janet Laurence
Death Dines in (Collection)
Death Warmed Up by Marian Babson
Della Cooks Mysteries (series) by Melinda Wells
Domestic Diva Mysteries (series) by Krista Davis
Donut Shop Mysteries (series) by Jessica Beck
The Eugenia Potter Mysteries (series) by Virginia Rich
The Faith Fairchild Mysteries (series) by Katherine Hall Page
Flambe Capers (series) by Kevin Sylvester
Goldy Bear Culinary Mysteries (series) by Diane Mott Davidson
The Gourmet Detective (series) by Peter King
Gourmet Girl Mysteries (series) by Jessica Conant-Park
The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries (series) by Karen MacInerney
Hannah Swensen Mystery Series by Joanne Fluke
Heaven Lee Culinary Mysteries (series) by Lou Jane Temple
Hemlock Falls Mysteries (series) by Claudia Bishop
How to Cook a Tart by Nina Kilham
The Jane Lawless Series by Ellen Hart
Killer's Cookbook by Stuart Nichoals Gray
Little Indiscretions: a delectable mystery by Carmen Posadas
Iris House Mysteries (series) by Claudia Bishop
The Long Quiche Good-Bye (Cheese Shop Mystery #1) by Avery Ames
Madeline Bean Catering Mysteries (series) by Jerrilyn Farmer
Magdalena Yoder Series by Tamar Myers
Mary Ryan Mysteries (series) by Claire M. Johnson
A Meal to Die For: a culinary novel of crime by Joseph R. Gannascoli & Allen C. Kupfer
Monsieur Pamplemoussse (series) by Michael Bond
Murder Most Delectable: savory tales of culinary crimes Edited by Martin H. Greenberg
Mysteries With Recipes (series) by Isis Crawford
Mystery A La Mode (series) by Wendy Lyn Watson
The Nero Wolfe Mystery Series by Rex Stout
A Pennsylvania-Dutch Mystery With Recipes (Series) by Tamar Myers
Pizza Lovers Mysteries (series) by Chris Cavender
The Queen's Christmas: an Elizabeth I Mystery by Karen Harper
A Quiche Before Dying by Jill Churchill
Recipe for Murder by Lawrence G. Blochman
The Savannah Reid Series by G.A. McKevett
Someone is Killing the Great Chefs of America by Nan and Ivan Lyons
The Sophie Greenway Series by Ellen Hart
Spice box Mysteries (series) by Lou Jane Temple 
Stanley Park by Timothy Taylor
The Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley Mystery series by Nadia Gordon
Vampire Chef Mysteries (series) by Sarah Zettle
Tea Shop Mystery Series by Laura Childs
Toast Mortem (Hemlock Falls #16) by Claudia Bichop