Saturday, November 13, 2010

Random thoughts for a Saturday afternoon

"Close you eyes, and open your hands, and I will give you a big surprise” she would sing as she walked down the stairs from her bedroom.  My brother and I would stand eyes squeezed shut, hands cupped in front of us giggling and waiting.  There was no surprise, we knew exactly what was coming as she placed green foil wrapped Andes chocolate mints in our hovering hands.  Nana always kept a box of Andes "hidden" in her dresser drawer, and throughout my childhood this rhyme always meant that we would be getting a chocolate treat.  I can’t say that I ever loved these candies and if I did not connect them to my Nana I would probably never seek them out, but with this memory I am always happy when I see them. 

Rob brought home a box of fancy peppermint chocolate truffles yesterday and they have me thinking of Andes chocolates and Nana each time I eat one.  So many of my memories with Nana are tied to food and sitting at the table, I just wish I had been as into food as I am now while she was still alive.  Yes, I loved eating, but I had very little interest in cooking or learning about food.  There are so many things I would ask her now that I never thought to when I had the chance. 

Writing the last post on recipes had me thinking about the fact that I don’t seem to have any family recipes, either from my grandmother or my mother.  There are certain recipes that I watched my mom make often enough that I know them by heart, but there are so many that I have no idea about.  I find family recipes to be incredibly important to pass down, as important a tie to your family’s history as stories.  I think I will have to make some moves to remedy this situation, especially once I have my fancy new recipe holder.

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  1. Anne gave me a booklet of Nana's recipes a few years ago for christmas- ask her for them! They are easy and very tasty, but of course are not the same as when Nana made them!

    I make the spaghetti sauce, lasagna and meatball ones the most! :)