Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am Resolute

I have always had mixed feelings about the act of making New Years resolutions.  I mean, sure it is great to set goals for yourself and to always strive to make yourself and your life better, but starting each year with a list of “demands” for yourself seems a bit much.  Life tends to be pretty stressful all by itself, with deadlines and expectations and the like, so why in the world do we start off the year (often within the first hour or so) with this list weighing on our shoulders? 

Don’t get me wrong I have made many, and am always cheering on those that are trying to accomplish theirs, I just don’t think it is for me.  Rob asked me on Saturday what my resolutions were, and, after giving him my lengthily speech, I realized that he and I are kind of exempt from the tradition this year anyway.  The sheer act of starting out a New Year in California is a pretty good start, it seems to me that almost everything we do this year will be new, exciting and life changing.  So, as I see it, we don’t need any resolutions, our lives are changing all on their own!

 I am pretty excited about everything I see in my immediate future: the new library job, the foodie blogger book group that I joined (you will learn about this very soon) my soon to arrive New York visitors, and on and on.  So, this year I don’t feel any need to add additions onto my life they seem to be coming all on their own. 

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you are as excited about it as I am! 

Dare I ask what your resolutions are?

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