Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy 1st Blog Birthday: A Year in Review

A year ago today I finally figured out a way to alleviate some of the pressure from being unemployed as well as found a way to talk about books and food as much as and whenever I wanted to.  Thus The Literary Foodie was born.  Though I am not exactly what anyone would call consistent I absolutely love this blog.  I love that it has me learning/trying/tasting/seeing new things.  I also love that it has helped me meet new people, in person and virtually, as well as kept my family over in New York more involved in the things that I am doing here is California.

Moving away from everyone you love, and everything you know is incredibly hard.  This blog was one of the things that made it not only easier but a pleasure.  I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have, and I hope you will all stick with me for many more to come.  For kicks and giggles you should go check out my very first post, And So I Begin, and see just how hopeful and earnest it is, I think it’s pretty cute.

Happy 1st Birthday The Literary Foodie!!

And here are some interesting factoids about the blog:

The most popular post so far is my Valentines Day Post, The Food of Love, talking about romantic food and recommending some romantic reads.

After that was my post, A New Family Member, and Emptying the Fridge, about getting my dog and getting ready to move.  I am pretty sure that one was popular because everyone was hoping I was pregnant.

By far the most popular pages have been Food Fiction and Food Memoirs with Fiction coming in first.

The country with the most Literary Foodie readers is (obviously) the USA followed in order by Russia, Canada, The United Kingdom, Poland, India and Australia.  Can't deny that I have been pretty darned excited each time a new country gets added to the list.  

The Google searches bringing people to my page have been the interesting, and sometimes pretty funny.  The most common has been people searching for Isabella Allende books, which I completely understand because she is incredible.  There has also been: equipping a kitchen, literary restaurant in NYC, and how to rediscover passion for writing.  I am pretty sure none of these folks were looking for me when they did their search, but find me they did.  I would like to think they were pleasantly surprised.

So far my favorite post to write was, Pick Your damn Fruit or How I love Winter in Sacramento.  Followed in second place by one of my very first posts, As I Stare Into the Fridge.

So, again thank you all for joining me I hope you have been enjoying as much as I have.  Know that I love all of your feedback, and welcome any questions.  Here's to another year!

What have been some of your favorites over the past year?  Is there anything you would like to see?


  1. Congrats on the anniversary. I enjoy your posts, your sense of humor, and your taste in literature.

  2. Happy Blogaversary! A whole year, you made it! Did you ever think time would fly by so fast with this whole blogging thing? I definitely find it interesting what goole searches! One of my best ones was "fat black spider." Seriously, how does that bring up a food blog? Anyways, HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY! I can't wait to more of your fabulous book recommendations.